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Every archer, whether an elite archer, intermediate or just a beginner has times when the arrows just don't go where they're supposed to. If that's the case it's always handy to have an excuse or two for the bad shot, end or even a round.

We've put together for a bit of fun a list of the most common excuses we hear at the field. if you hear an excuse, it's quite in order to roll the eyes.

If you come across any amusing excuses, let us know at and we'll try and update the page.

  1. It’s windy..

  2. Sun was in my eyes.

  3. A fly landed on my nose.

  4. My grip isn't right yet.

  5. I had some flukey arrows towards the end. 

  6. Still tuning my bow.

  7. Really need faster arrows.

  8. You sure that target is the right distance?

  9. STILL tuning...

  10. Forgot to reset my sight for this distance.

  11. Bug spray isn't working, and I'm getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!

  12. Just contracted west-Nile virus. See No.3.

  13. The bow next to me is very loud. It makes me jump.

  14. I’ve not shot for a few weeks.

  15. My sight worked loose.

  16. I need stiffer arrows.

  17. I must have some bent arrows.

  18. My back/arm/shoulder/wrist is playing up………you decide.

  19. I’m just rubbish/not trying today.

  20. Arrow flicked up off the arrow rest just as I released.

  21. I need weaker arrows.

  22. I released when my neighbour’s clicker went.

  23. Not shot this distance before. Need to set my sight mark.

  24. The sun is glaring off my arrow/sight/watch …….you choose.

  25. I’ve brought the wrong glasses. Can’t see anything in the distance/close up like the target/sights.

  26. Still tuning.

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