Beginners Course

We run beginners course sessions throughout the year. Check our events page to see our next one.


We run have a go sessions throughout the year. Check out our events page to see our next one.

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If you want to join St.Sebastian Archers have a look at our how to join page.

About Us
St. Sebastian Archers is an archery club located in Bolsover near Chesterfield, Derbyshire.We are a close group of archers; the most important thing to us is being able to relax in a friendly atmosphere. We welcome all people from all ages and walks of life, with a shared passion for archery.


Our members mainly shoot recurve however we do have some longbow, bare-bow and compound archers.We benefit from a large shooting range, coaches on site and a large range of equipment.

Whether you shoot for enjoyment, or compete at the club, county,or regional competitions we hope you have fun!


If you are organising an event and like the idea of running an archery have a go, or if you are already an archer and looking to join, please feel free to contact us.

Where and When We Shoot

The club is located at Bolsover Town Football Club fields, in the rural town of Bolsover. We share our large grounds with various other local sports clubs and are proud to represent archery in the local community.

Our outdoor shooting days are at the weekend and we also get to meet informally on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. In the summer months we also shoot a couple of weekday evenings and during the winter months we move indoors on Wednesday evenings.


Throughout the summer we have many club competitions and events. In the winter, we shoot indoors at The Speedwell Rooms in the nearby town of Staveley. Over the year we compete against other clubs in Derbyshire as we compete in the Western League as well as putting on a variety of private and social events.


Archery GB is the governing body for Archery within the UK.


DCAA represents archery clubs within Derbyshire.


EMAS represents all Archery clubs within the East Midlands

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